Alarm button

Curatech B.V. has been manufacturing personal alarm systems since 2003. Their devices are used in home care, residential complexes, institutions, hospitals, and private residences. They operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Their current alarm button has been functioning satisfactorily for a long time, but the time has come to develop a new, improved version that would resonate with diverse target demographics. They enlisted the expertise of Helder-id to conceptualize and create this innovative device.


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Product design
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Dare to wear

The product must align with the target audience’s preferences, yet this audience is highly diverse. While it primarily consists of older individuals, it’s not limited to them alone. Moreover, there’s a rising demographic of users who prioritize the aesthetics of a wearable device. For Curatech, this presents an opportunity for distinction. Apart from design, attention to visual details in finishing is paramount. That’s why we delved into specific aspects like innovative use of materials, colors, textures, and accents.

Versatile wearable

Whether you want to wear the alarm button around your neck, on your wrist or on your clothing, the available accessories provide all these possibilities. The button is designed to be compact, and completely water resistant (IP67). Next to a button version there is also a hardshell version for dementia patients.

Taking care of realization

The tooling for the plastic components was taken care of by sister company Helder Products. With our molding partner we succeeded in producing a water tight connection as well as a flexible button, making use of liquid silicone rubber. Also, the alarm LED-light shines through the housing surface and is therefore only visible when the alarm button is pressed.

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