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Our work

We deliver high-quality industrial design, creative engineering and efficient manufacturability.

A good design starts with a clear vision where design and engineering go hand in hand. One reinforces the other: by taking production into account at an early stage of the design process, we are able to create relevant products for our clients.


Trust International

Basko Healthcare


Protected: Gridesic



Blue Current

BMAIR – Cabin Air

Helder Hygiene

Protected: Philips Latte Go


Protected: Mastervolt design strategy

Micronic new family line strategy


Wearable Personal Safety

SODAQ Smart Eartag

Basil Carry All rear basket

ETNA-CT Touch interface

Alfen Twin 5

CGM Wearable

Mastervolt MAC PLUS

Micronic CS500

SoilCares Scanner for Scope Design

Fooom Brand Identity

Fooom soap dispensers

BasEasy & klickfix adapter for Basil