We are helder-id.
We design and develop products and take care of realization.

“Helder-id is an entrepreneurial design & product development consultancy. Our team consists of well-trained, experienced, creative industrial designers & engineers. We have invested in a vast network of development & manufacturing partners. We design and develop products and we take care of realization.”

Our aim

At Helder-id we just love to create things. We are no-nonsense product developers, always aiming to find straightforward and effective solutions to complex problems. Whether in a limited series or mass production, the end product should always embody the perfect balance of functionality, appealing design and efficient manufacturability. In the end, we strive to deliver successful products that help our clients to achieve a durable competitive market position.


The helder-id team is very much used to working according to highly structured integral product development trajectories, but we always maintained the flexibility that is needed to create innovative solutions. The methodology described below is our guideline, but commonly we adapt to the specific needs of our clients. Working together, with both our clients and our development partners, is an integral part of our approach.

Our services


Thorough project preparation, including problem analysis, market & trend research, design strategy, outlines for requirements, budgets and project planning.


Concept development by using brainstorming & innovation workshops, mood boards, concept sketching, visualization of ideas and mock-ups.


Completion of detailed product design, including styling, colors and materials, user interaction & ergonomics, 3D model making and CAD renderings.


Engineering and refining of product design, involving calculations and simulations (ie. FEM), and definition of final materials & production technologies.


Verification of product design and manufacturability by means of prototyping & (user) testing, and subsequent refinement and optimizations.


Implementation, outsourcing and support of industrialisation process, including sourcing & procurement of tooling and process optimization.

team members

Kornel Ringelberg

Founding partner

Marc Fleuren

Founding partner

Paul Bruinink

Founding partner

About Kornel

“Kornel is the perfect all-rounder: a very creative designer with an excellent track record in engineering. ‘Quality is in the details’ is Kornel’s professional motto.”

Key competences

  • Ideation and conceptual design
  • Product architecture and engineering
  • Project management


Kornel has worked on projects for companies such as:

Philips, ABB, Draeger Medical, AXA, Vestel, Polisport and Shell

About Marc

“Marc is a passionate product developer. He was responsible for many successful product innovations, for both his own businesses and for other companies.”

Key competences

  • Product specification and strategic propositions
  • Ideation and conceptual design
  • Management of multi-disciplinary projects


Marc has worked on projects for companies such as:

Philips, ASML, Pentair, Siemens, Vestel, Ushio and Ericsson

About Paul

“Paul is a master in ‘getting things done’ in order to meet time-to-market expectations. He excels when there is a need to make quick informed decisions and improvise under time pressure.”

Key competences

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Plastics engineering & plastics injection tools
  • Global project management of realization trajectories


Paul has worked on projects for companies such as:

Philips, Bosch, Zehnder, Dorel Juvenile Group and Schoeller Alibert

Dennis Martina

Industrial Designer

Merel Tropper

Industrial Designer

About Dennis

“Dennis is an enthusiastic, versatile industrial designer with a pragmatic approach. He has mastered the balance between flexibility and accuracy and is a perfect fit in the team.”

Key competences

  • Ideation and conceptual design
  • Sketching and product visualizations
  • Product detailing and engineering


Dennis has worked on projects for companies such as:

Techmar, Re-Actief and Velda

About Merel

“Merel is a versatile product designer with experiences in both design and product styling. She always tries to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality and has a keen eye for detail.”

Key competences

  • Ideation and conceptual design
  • Graphic design and styling
  • Product detailing


Merel has worked on projects for companies such as:

Ahold & Lief! Lifestyle

development network

Every product development project is different. In many cases a multidisciplinary approach is required, and sometimes specific know-how is required that surpasses our knowledge. Fortunately, helder-id has a vast network of experts to rely on. Our network includes specialists in the field of:

  • CE compliancy
  • Medical Certification
  • Patent applications
  • Sustainability design
  • Brand identity
  • User-interface design
  • Graphic design
  • User manuals
  • Packaging design
  • Product photography
  • Electronics design
  • Embedded software
  • Mobile app design
  • Composites materials
  • Aerodynamics/CFD
  • Prototype pilot series
  • Test injection molds
  • Tooling development
  • Assemblage & testing
  • Contract manfacturing

Get in contact

Our office is located at the Creative Campus Almere.

Bolderweg 2
1332 AT Almere
+31 85 877 0372

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