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The request of Basil was straightforward: ‘develop an adapter plate for the detachable bags and baskets of Basil to fit both the BasEasy holder and existing holders of the competition. 

By using this patented universal BasEasy/KF adapter plate the detachable bags and baskets of Basil not only fit seamless onto the BasEasy handlebar holder, they can also easily be ‘clicked’ onto the holders of the competing klickfix system. So for those who already have a klickfix holder mounted on their bicycle, nothing stands in the way to buy a beautiful Basil bag.




Product design
Basil KlickFix & BasEasy adapter
Basil KlickFix & BasEasy adapter


The dynamic load to which the plastic product is exposed was considered at an early stage of the design phase. Using several FEM simulations – carried out in close co-operation with an expert from the Helder-id network – every product detail was optimized for stiffness and strength.

Prototyping & testing

Throughout the development process, many prototypes were manufactured; Both simple 3D-prints to test the functional operation of the dispensing system, and highly detailed trade show models that cannot be distinguished from the final injection molded product.

Smartly designed and compatible with the BasEasy and klickfix systems.

Marthijn van BalverenCEO Basil BV

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