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Securely connected for life saving response

For Global Wearable Devices, Helder-id designed and developed a ‘Panic Button’ smartwatch for an American security service provider. At the push of the button, the wearable personal safety device immediately connects to a 24/7 emergency response call center. Aided by visual and GPS support and the user’s ongoing verbal commentary, appropriate authorities can be notified to ensure quick and effective action.




Experience design
Product design

Key features

Concept design

Our client’s customer requested a stylish design targeted on the taste of a North American user group. Equipped with a circular LCD screen and interchangeable wristbands, it was intended to look more like an inconspicuous wristwatch than a fully operational safety device. The IP67 waterproof enclosure was designed for easy battery exchange or maintenance access and is accompanied by a matching docking station.

During the project many prototypes were made to assess both user aspects and regulatory compliancy. The final deliverable in this project was a series of working prototypes for real-life functional test project, after which the Chinese manufacturer could implement further engineering optimizations for final production.



Apart from the One-touch activation emergency button the wearable device is practically a ‘mobile phone strapped to the user’s wrist’: It contains antennas for 3G communication and GPS reception, integrated loudspeaker and microphone, a hi-res camera and a large display with intuitive user-interface. The configuration of all this functionality in an ultra-small package was quite a challenge and was taken care of in close collaboration with the client’s electronics development team.

Emergency Action Messages

Direct activation

Life saving response

The wearable device offers the option to receive ‘Emergency Action Messages’. These EAM’s serve to notify band wearers of potential danger in their area. Gentle vibration and red indicator light alert users to check their mobile device for life saving information.

Activating the emergency button, even in time of panic, could not be any easier. One touch or one tap and a convergence of events happens immediately.

The 24/7 emergency responce call center, aided by visual and GPS support and your ongoing verbal commentary, notifies the appropriate auhtorities to ensure quick and effective action.

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