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The Covid-19 crisis hits us all. Everyone tries to do their share to minimize the consequences. Helder-id has stepped in, to design a line of products that can help prevent the spread of the virus.

We already have experience with the development of soap and disinfectant dispensers. Many places still lack a sufficient and easy solution for hand hygiene. In reaction to this we have put our hands together to work out a smart hand disinfection stand. The focus was to provide a sophisticated solution, which would also have to be ready for market introduction as soon as possible. By working together with a few suppliers in our network, we could start production fast.


Public space


Market & trend research
Product design
Production & Realization

Corona crisis asks for hygiene measures

The hand disinfection stand consists of a disinfectant dispenser, mounted on a sturdy stainless steel pole with foot, together with a sign that shows the WHO-instructions for correct hand cleaning. The automatic dispenser works with a sensor so you don’t have to touch anything.

Realization of the hand disinfection stand

Design variations to suit different situations

In the meantime Helder has also developed a few derived products within the same category. One of them is an elbow operated hygiene station and a smaller version to be used in (primary) schools. Also a wall model and a counter top model were added to the range.

We’re also working on a robust variant which is specifically meant for use in (semi-) public space. This design will get a vandal-proof housing and will be equipped with an IoT-module to track the status of the refill and battery.

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