Clean cabin air

BMAir stands for the cleanest air possible in every polluted mobile work environment. Every day, dozens of machine operators are exposed to hazardous substances, a heavy and unnecessary toll on the body. BMAir develops pressurized filter systems for cabins to arrange the cleanest air possible and optimal operator protection.

For a new product line, Helder-id was asked to come up with a new design to fit with BMAir’s goals.




Design strategy
Product design

Finding the right style

Exploring existing product styles to create search fields that could be interesting for the new product.

Design sketching

Visualizing the new air filter to make it come to life

Design Concept

The final design proposal for BMAir, taking into account the production process at an early stage of the design. The engineering and realization of the air filter was further taken care of by BMAir and their production partners.

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