CS500 Screw Cap Recapper

The CS500 Screw Cap Recapper is part of the new family look that Helder-id developed for the Micronic line of devices. The product is recognizable by the friendly rounded corners and the sophisticated use of colours, finishing and textures.


Life science
Health care


Design strategy
Product design

Efficient sample handling

When storing DNA in sample tubes, efficiency and reliability are crucial. With the Micronic CS500 handheld Screw Cap Recapper, lab workers can easily apply or remove screwcaps to a single row of 8 tubes, in a matter of seconds. By using accurately determined torque values, optimum sealing quality is guaranteed.

Detail design

Automatically opening or closing a complete row of screwcaps with the highest accuracy, requires a complex high-precision mechanism. Despite the weight of this mechanism, the CS500 can be handled comfortably, thanks to its sophisticated ergonomic design. The hose connection between base station and handheld gives the device an elegant look and enhances ease of use.

A new docking station

We designed and engineered a docking station to fit the CS500 Screw Cap Recapper product line. This useful add-on ensures a consistent (de)capping action.

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