Eve Double PG-Line

Helder-id has worked on several projects for Alfen and was approached to design a new EV-charger for public locations that fits in with the existing Alfen portfolio. Due to new, stricter regulations in Germany, it was necessary to accommodate a considerable amount of additional electronics within the enclosure, taking into account a number of extra safety measures.




Product design

Compact configuration

In order to maintain the acceptable proportions, a completely new configuration has been proposed with back-to-back electronic racks and separate service entrances for the operator’s maintenance personnel and the utility company’s employees. All user interaction takes place at the front, where the dual sockets, large display and user-friendly interfaces are placed.

Remarkable design

An important goal for the assignment was to come up with design that would blend naturally into the streetscape. A product placed in the public space should not stand out too much. So, the idea with the Eve Double PG was to achieve a neutral, but sophisticated design. With its simple, elegant shape and modest colour scheme, it fits well in the new urban environment.

Built like a tank

Because the Eve Double-PG is specifically aimed at use in public locations, the enclosure is designed to be weatherproof and vandalism resistant. Built around a super robust, powder coated stainless steel cabinet, the white front and top panels are made from a new thermosetting resin called Telene. This RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) thermosetting resin is highly impact-resistant and suitable for long-term exposure to UV light and extreme weather conditions.

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