Cento Tech Fiber

Basil has consistently featured bicycle baskets as a crucial element in its product lineup, with a particular emphasis on the German market as the main consumer base for metal baskets. In response to evolving market dynamics, Basil sought alternative options. Helder-id was commissioned to create a modern rear carrier basket with an innovative material in the bicycle world: textilene. This innovative new basket features a fabric construction of textilene coupled with a sturdy build.




Product design
Guiding the textilene through the profiles
Stretching the textilene
Placing the support structures
Releasing the tension. Done!

Testing, testing and even more testing

We invested considerable effort in the development process, crafting numerous prototypes to meticulously assess and refine the optimal method for stretching the textilene material. Our aim was to achieve the most effective and durable stretching technique that would enhance the overall quality and performance of the basket, to meet Basil’s high standards of quality and functionality. Through a series of iterations, we tested different approaches, considering factors such as tension, flexibility, and durability to ensure that the textilene was implemented in the most optimal and functional manner possible.

Design for the right target group

The textilene baskets cater to both male and female commuters, acknowledging the diverse preferences within this multifaceted user group. The envisioned look & feel was aimed at being contemporary, elegant, and practical, taking into account the distinctive tastes of users. Through a refined combination of materials, we achieved a sophisticated appearance that is not only visually appealing but also customizable to individual preferences. The robust construction ensures versatility in usage, striking a balance between a soft feel and a solid, dependable structure.

Expanded color options

The design of the Cento Tech Fiber rear basket received a highly positive response from consumer focus groups and retail representatives alike. In light of this enthusiasm, Basil approached Helder-id to incorporate a diverse range of colors, ensuring the ability to cater to the varied preferences and needs of the entire target user demographic.

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