Blue Current


Blue Current is an innovative player in the fast-growing European market for EV chargers. The Dutch company has opted for its own approach, for which a sophisticated ‘back office’ software platform was developed to remotely control each charging station.

Helder-id was asked to take care of the development and realization of a completely new portfolio of modular charging solutions that fits the innovative Blue Current approach.




Design strategy
Product design
Process & Tooling management

Hidden socket

An increasing number of home-users are not so enthusiastic about the plastic EV charging cabinets mounted to their homes. Blue Current came up with a solution in which a fixed cable is installed in a non-intrusive way with all the control and load balancing electronics efficiently installed in the meter cupboard. For this, Helder-id developed a new cable entry system with smart reel to neatly store the cable and secure the connector in a safe way using a clever magnetic holder.

Intuitive magnet connector
Minimalistic design
Only cable visible, electronics are hidden in fuse box


More and more car parks and parking garages are running EV-charging points. Instead of using complete charging stations, it is much more efficient to use simple posts or wall boxes equipped with just connectors and card readers, with all necessary electronics housed in a central location. Moreover, the visual influence on the environment is therefore much less intrusive and it is also a lot easier to flexibly operate the available parking spaces.

Wiring upwards
Wall-mount options
Wiring downwards
Flush-mount option
RFID reader for charging card

Modular design

NanoCharge smart modular EV-sockets are available as:
• Wall-mount smart EV-socket
• Flush-mount smart EV-socket
• Charging pole with 1,2 or 4 smart EV-sockets

The NanoCharge wall-mount and flush-mount sockets allow flexible installation and are prepared to fit a variety of cable types coming from different directions.

NanoCharge public

Due to the strong growth of public charging points in the public space, municipalities increasingly want to ban visually disturbing charging devices. With this tendency in mind, Helder-id has developed a series of modular NanoCharge charging poles, which are prepared for 1, 2 or 4 connectors. With this, Blue Current can now offer the possibility to place charging points in the public space in a very restrained and unobtrusive way.

Easy installation

For the posts, Helder-id has developed an innovative installation approach. Instead of mounting in the ground by means of a heavy concrete block, a clever stainless steel plate construction is used. it comes in a flat pack and can be assembled on site in the blink of an eye.

A textbook example project

The Blue Current projects give a good picture of the great diversity of techniques that are applied within the Helder-id product development projects, such as injection molded plastic components, welded tubular metal parts, sheet metal construction, investment casting of stainless steel, silk screen printed plastic panels, different adhesive techniques, integration of electronic components, usability aspects etcetera.

The new portfolio of BlueCurrent products has been realized in close collaboration with our vast network of development & manufacturing partners. This included design verification, design for manufacturing, sourcing & procurement of tooling and process optimization.

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